What are bike lanes?

    A bike lane is a portion of the roadway that has been designated for bicyclist use. However, these types of facilities aren’t only for bikes. They can also be used by skaters and scooters. To learn more about all the different types of bike lanes, see NACTO's Urban Bikeway Deign Guide.

    Who is this plan for?

    You might worry that this plan could lead to unintended impacts on current residents. We want to emphasize that the plan is intended to serve people who want to bike more, but in particular, residents who might not have regular access to vehicles. The City is seeking feedback about the bike plan, especially from communities that have been historically left out of the planning process. By doing so, we hope that proposed changes are beneficial and desired by all.  

    To learn more about this topic, see this article from Streetsblog USA published in 2021: STUDY: New Bike Lanes Aren’t Associated With Displacement of BIPOC, Low-Income People.

    Who's currently riding a bike in Trenton?

    There are about 34,000 households in Trenton. In 2021, roughly 30% of households reported that they didn’t have a car (U.S. Census Bureau; 2021 American Community Survey Table DP02 and Table S0501). Right now, the streets in Trenton prioritize motor vehicles, but this leaves out over 10,000 households who get around Trenton without one. For many folks in Trenton, a bicycle is not recreation — it may be their only form of transportation.

    How can I get more involved in bike safety initiatives?

    We're glad you asked! Here are three things you can do to get more involved:

    1. Come to the Our Streets events on April 25, 2023 (RSVP here) or May 7, 2023 (RSVP here) and tell us what YOU think about how we can make getting around on a bike safer. 
    2. Sign up for project updates about Trenton's bicycle plan, called Our Streets: A Trenton Bike Plan for All. Type your email address in the upper right corner of this page to be added to our mailing list.  
    3. Connect with local cyclists and activists who are part of Trenton Cycling Revolution